ABOUT (validating oneself)

Just because rationale, so called logic, drives you into a straight jacket, making you make round pegs, art or otherwise, to pound into square holes…

But besides this my name is Frank Pulaski, born and raised in the Italian American community of Chinatown, Chicago, and although I never graduated from grammar school, I was educated at the boy’s reformatory at Saint Charles, IL and at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

At age twelve I robbed $6,000 and ran away to Miami Beach, FL
At age fifteen, I worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and was one of the first to use computers there to trade eggs and bacon futures illegally.

My father, Frank Pulaski sr., was one of the best safe crackers in Chicago. Yes I’m proud

I am not mass minded and couldn’t be even if I wanted to and believe bullshit is an art form, the best to you, really, frankie p


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